Musical Works

Alexia started composing formally at the age of twelve. She studied with Kate Honey, Ewan Campbell, Cheryl Frances-Hoad and Simon Speare (the latter at the Royal College of Music Junior Department) and in 2018, she will be studying Composition at the Royal Northern College of Music with Emily Howard.

Her method of composing is very strongly imagining the pitches she wishes to be played or sung, both melodically and harmonically away from any instrument. As a synaesthetic musician, she also thinks about the colours she wishes to hear in the music and, much like a visual artist, how these are blended to convey the meaning of the piece. She writes the pitches down in Braille music notation and then dictates them to an amanuensis, who transcribes them onto a notation software.

Alexia’s music is inspired by a wide range of philosophical, Buddhist, environmental and synaesthetic themes. The use and effect of silence in music fascinate her, perhaps as a result of her love of Buddhism. If you would like to see scores and hear recordings of the pieces Alexia composed between the ages of 12 and 15, please contact her. The Ensembles who have performed her early works during that time include Dr K Sextet, The Hermes Experiment, The Ligeti Quartet, The Phaedra Ensemble, Block4 recorder quartet, the BBC Young Chorister of the Year Agatha Pethers, The Chamber Choir of St Mary’s University Church in Cambridge and Aldeburgh Young Musicians.



Turning to the Wind

Snow Angels

In a White Village


Gate, gate

Substanceless Blue

Sifting Through Haze

Elegy for Aylan

Longing For Equinox