I was born in a bilingual family (French and English) and from a young age, I learnt various foreign languages. When I was 9, I sat GCSEs in French and Spanish achieving A*s in both and aged 10, I sat my AS oral in French and Spanish achieving full marks. At the age of 11, I sat GCSE Chinese, achieving an A*, the year after, I sat Latin and Italian achieving A*s in both. I took my A level French aged 15 and achieved an A grade. Until the age of 10 when I was awarded the Cambridge Young Achiever of the Year due to my various GCSE qualifications in languages at a young age, I was interested in becoming an interpreter for the E.U and I got a taste of the job when I travelled to Brussels that year and sat in an interpreting booth during a full committee and interpreted the MP speech from French into English. However, a couple of years later, after I discovered composing, it occurred to me that if I became an interpreter, I would never be able to convey my own ideas which is why I immediately became attracted by a career as a composer which would combine my passion for Music and writing and to date, composing is still very much the career path I wish to pursue.