A Painting of Infinity

I wish we could dance together
In in a thousand skyscapes of
Opal stillness, the only motion,
Light as grace, whole as white
Moonlight on a barren plain,
Naked as the word “ETERNAL…”

I wish we could breathe each other
In: you, my wild kaleidoscopes
Of chameleon sound, I, your magnetic
Scent of quiet, vibrant, shining
Air and unmapped expanses
Of heart, open, strange, enticing.

I wish I could dip my brush
Into the colours of unbroken waves
And blend them in the pallet of the stars
And say, “here: I have made you
A portrait.” But my hand is
Afraid of the transience…

I wish we could trace
The inner contours of infinity in unison,
Melt the fourteen lines and constant
Rhymes of a sonnet and lay
Their inky river out in a new poem,
Flowing like unbound fire across the page.

There: I have made you a love song.

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